South Rampart Pharma aims to advance the safe treatment of pain by developing new small-molecule solutions that have the potential to overcome many risks associated with current pain medicines. South Rampart Pharma’s lead compounds have been effective in reducing both pain and fever in preclinical studies without the liver and kidney toxicity associated with current non-opioid analgesics. As a new small molecule treatment option that is not a biologic therapy, South Rampart Pharma’s compounds have great potential as a value product that will be low cost and accessible to many patients.

Leadership Team & Collaborations

South Rampart Pharma was founded and is led by a highly experienced leadership team with extensive experience in biomedical research and academic clinical medicine, in addition to long track records of continuous NIH funding. The team has amassed years of experience in building startup companies and working with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Our current and unique relationships with clinical and academic research centers allow South Rampart Pharma to operate with a lean and capital efficient business model. Our robust relationships with leading academic medical centers, health systems and notable global chemistry collaborations have paved the way for us to bring our R&D candidates from preclinical testing to Phase 1 human trials and beyond. These unique relationships help us to conduct the discovery aspects of this work, without the need for an incubator or accelerator, allowing us to focus our resources on the research and development of our lead molecules.



Company co-founder, Hernan A. Bazan, MD, DFSVS, FACS, is spearheading the scientific, clinical development and fundraising of South Rampart Pharma and technology development efforts.  He is an active academic vascular surgeon and has been the PI or co-PI of multiple previous grants.


Scientific Co-Founder

Boyd Professor of Neurology, Ophthalmology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Director, Neuroscience Center of Excellence
LSUHSC School of Medicine

South Rampart Pharma’s proof of concept work is being conducted at the lab of the company’s co-founder, Nicolas G. Bazan, MD, PhD, a high-ranking professor and Director of the Neuroscience Center in the LSU Health Sciences Center – New Orleans. He has been awarded continuous NIH funding since the early 1980s, currently has three active R01 grants and previously co-founded a company that went through a successful IPO.

South Rampart Pharma has an exclusive license, which grants the company full freedom to operate and continue its R&D efforts in LSUHSC School of Medicine’s distinguished labs.

This licensing agreement allows the company to have access to a remarkable lab equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including the latest in mass spectrometry technology, cell culture and animal facilities for testing putative lead compounds in various in vivo models. Because of this infrastructure, the company does not need incubators or accelerators and has minimal overhead costs.

Global Footprint

South Rampart Pharma has a global footprint with preclinical work taking place not only in New Orleans, Louisiana, but also with collaborators in Spain and throughout the United States.

The company is working with various CROs, each with more than 40 years of experience, to advance its lead compound in a cost-efficient manner to IND approval and early clinical trials.

A total of nine CROs are carrying out all the necessary studies enabling a strong IND application expected to be filed by mid-2020. Each has its unique expertise in large scale GMP chemistry synthesis, gene toxicity, GLP toxicology and drug formulation. South Rampart Pharma’s preclinical efforts are being coordinated by a CRO consultant and toxicologist who has taken >125 molecules to a successful IND.