South Rampart Pharma’s technology is driving innovation in pain medicine

South Rampart Pharma,Inc. is developing a new class of small molecule, non-opioid pain medicines.

These proprietary South Rampart Pharma,Inc. (SRP) compounds have been effective in reducing both pain and fever in preclinical studies without liver and kidney toxicity that are associated with current common over the counter analgesics. SRP compounds are non-opioid, greatly reducing abuse potential.

Our lead clinical entity, SRP-001, is currently undergoing Phase 1 trials evaluating the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of single and multiple ascending oral doses.

Promising Novel Compounds

SRPs have a unique profile as demonstrated in preclinical models:

Demonstrate both pain and fever reduction

Are non-opioid, suggesting significantly reduced abuse potential

Show no liver toxicity, even with high dose treatment (unlike acetaminophen)

Show no high dose kidney toxicity (unlike NSAIDs)

The South Rampart Pharma,Inc. Difference

Mechanisms regulating drug metabolism are incredibly complex, as are the physiological processes mediating nociception. South Rampart Pharma,Inc.’s work to manage this complexity and avoid the limitations of existing pain relief therapies is grounded in three key areas: